Interview with Death Of Guitar Pop

Since coming across their videos on YouTube earlier this year we have been big fans of Death Of Guitar Pop, we caught up with lead singer Silky on the bands influences, their debut album and debut live show amongst other things.

SOTS – Cheers for taking the time out to speak to us, for people who don’t know who you are can you just introduce yourselves and what you guys are about?

Silky – Our pleasure, we are Olly “Silky” Hookings and Jonny “Top Kat” Hick collectively known as “Death of Guitar Pop” a ska pop duo that are having fun making music and making lots of new skinhead and mod pals on our Facebook page ! Right now, We are all about the independent artist hustle! We must be off our rockers…..


SOTS – Obviously you are influenced by Two Tone and Trojan bands but I can hear some elements of 90’s indie as well is that fair to say? What other music are the band into?

Silky- Absolutely, we are huge Brit Pop fans, Parklife era Blur is a huge influence, particularly on the “69 Candy Street” track and video. We love all different kinds of music, here’s a couple of super duper DOG-P fun facts you might not know, Silky was a nu metal teenager and Top Kat is a techno head !

SOTS – You have released four videos on YouTube and all of them look incredible fun to be involved in. Do you enjoy making them?

Silky – Yeah we’ve have an absolute blast shooting our videos, tearing through Romford market in a cardboard train, hanging out with the “Essex Skinheads” in Southend, jumping on the magic bus to Candy Street (with all our pals) and more recently having a skank with ska royalty in the form of Mr Neville Staple !

SOTS – The last video you released was ‘Suburban Ska Club’ featuring the legendary Neville Staple. How did that come about? It must’ve been a buzz to have him in one of your videos?

Silky – Neville’s lovely wife Christine (AKA Sugary) manages him and has been supporting DOG-P since we released our first single “Rickety Old Train” so we ended up getting in touch with Christine to ask if Neville would be up for featuring on a track, we were made up when he said yes, it’s a huge honour to have a legend like Neville involved on the album and we absolutely love his vocal on the Suburban Ska Club track

SOTS – You have an album coming out in the near future, can you tell us a little bit more about this. Am I right in thinking that this was crowd funded and it’s coming out on your own label?

Silky – Yes our debut album 69 Candy Street is coming out on Nov 10th and it was funded purely by the fans and us the band, we used the indiegogo platform so fans could donate to help us raise funds to fast track the album release,it was a huge success…. some legend named Fran even bought the cardboard train from the “Rickety Old Train” video for a oner ! Big up everybody that donated to the crowd funder and also big up everyone that’s pre-ordered the album since and bought merch. For anyone else that’s interested, You can grab the album and our merch from www.skaclubessex.bigcartel.comwhich is indeed the shop for Silky’s brand new label “Ska Club Essex

SOTS – Is the label mainly going to be used to release your own material or would you like to release other bands music through it?

Silky – To begin with, it will just be an outlet for all things DOG-P but we love the idea of growing it with more artists in the future, who know’s it could become the stuff of legend like a 2 Tone or a Trojan. We’ve got a bit of a way to go to say the least but we are enjoying the hustle thus far, that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day!

SOTS – You have got your first live performance coming up in December which you must be looking forward to because you have built quite a following on social media and on YouTube.

Silky – Yes our first show is Fri 1st Dec at Oslo, Hackney London (you can grab tickets from ) we cant wait to get out there for the first time and put on a hell of a show for the fans, we have a big 9 piece band, rehearsals are going swimmingly, tickets are selling well, it’s gonna be one big fucking party to kick off the festive season and we hope it will be a debut show that will go down in the history books as the start of something special!

SOTS – Any plans for some more live shows?

Silky – Yes of course, we hope to be touring 2018 onwards, fans from all across the globe are ask daily when we are gonna be playing local to them, all we need now is for the promoters to catch up, it’ll come soon”
SOTS – Thanks again for taking the time to speak to us. We can’t wait to listen to the album and we wish you all the best for the release and for the live show.

Silky – Our pleasure, thank you for supporting DOG-P & Ska Club Essex