Interview – Scandal

Scandal have just released the excellent new album ‘On A Roll’ which I have had on constant rotation since receiving it. I caught up with bass player Vlad to discuss the new album, upcoming gigs and an appearance at this year’s ‘Undercover Festival’. Enjoy!

SOTS – Hi Vlad, thanks for taking the time to speak to me again. How are things?

Vlad – Hi Mark, All good thanks! Really busy at the moment promoting the new album.

SOTS – Since we last spoke there has been a line-up change. What are the reasons for this?

Vlad – Indeed. Andreas Madway left for America. He is following his dream of making music in California and we wish him good luck in his new adventures. Luckily Ricardo joined the band and he is great. We already started to work on some new songs with him and they sound great. He has his own style of playing the guitar and we will use his skills in the future.

SOTS – Your new album ‘On A Roll’ has just been released which I really like and has some great reviews. You must be pleased with the response it’s had.

Vlad – Yes Mark, On A Roll, was released on 2nd of Feb, and we are really happy about the response. We had only good reviews about it but it’s not a surprise as the album sounds great.

SOTS – The album is being released by the excellent Spirit Of The Streets Records based in Germany. How did this come about?

Vlad – Last year we were looking for a label to release the new album and I’ve sent our video Bad Reputation to more people around. Spirit Of The Street contact us and they offer to release our future material and we agreed.

SOTS – How do the song come together? Are there main songwriters or is it a more collaborative approach?

Vlad – Me and Gabi are the main songwriters but it’s a collaborative thing too. The songs suffers a lot of changes at the rehearsals and all the band comes with ideas.

SOTS – In a few words describe the albums sound and what people should expect?

Vlad – I’ll say On A Roll it’s a melodic street-punk album. Singalongs choruses, with lyrics inspired from the day-to-day life, social issues and some personal stories

SOTS – This is probably a really difficult question but what is your favourite song off the album?

Vlad – Yes it is a difficult one, my favourite song off the album is probably Trouble, but my favourite song to play live is Bad Reputation as live it sounds much faster and punchier

SOTS – You have got an album release party on the 10th Feb with the excellent Grade 2 on the bill with you. You guys must be looking forward to this? Have you got any plans to tour the album?

Vlad – Yes sure, we very excited about this. The gig will be at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston which is one of the best venues around, with more and more people attending the weekly punk shows. I’ve always liked to put on the bill a mixed style of punk bands at our gigs, so as a support we have Grade 2, like you said the excellent young Oi! band from the Isle of Wight. We have The Foamers the legendary fast punk/ska band from Epsom and we also have a locally boozy folk-punk band to start called Boogedy Smak. Will be a fun show for sure

SOTS – In April you are playing the ‘Undercover Festival’ with some great names from the Punk Scene including Sham 69, Chelsea and Peter and the Test Tube Babies. This is a great opportunity to play to people that have not heard of you, this has got to be an exciting prospect for the band.

Vlad – They say that “you have to work hard for your dreams to come true” These are the bands that we used to listen when we were kids back in Romania. Now we will finally share the same stage with this great bands and it’s really cool for us. We can’t wait for this festival.

SOTS – What other plans do you guys have for the rest of the year?

Vlad – Gigs, gigs, gigs, recording, gigs. We are looking to promote On A Roll everywhere. We have some gigs lined up for the spring but we are always looking for more. So promoters contact us!!

SOTS – Thanks again forking the time speak to me and I wish you all the best for your upcoming shows and I’m already looking forward to some new material.

Vlad – You’re welcome and we will have some new material by the end of the summer Thanks!