Interview – Out Of Order

Out Of Order are an amazing Oi! band from Montreal, Canada, I caught up with Scott about the scene in Montreal, their new album and the forthcoming European and UK tours.

SOTS – Hey Scott, thanks for taking the time to speak to me. Can you start off by telling us a little bit about the band and how you guys got together?

Scott – The band started back in 2001. Myself and a few friends were living at or hanging out at a squat in Halifax. There was always music and musicians around. We were all into punk rock so jamming just kinda happened. We at first didn’t take it seriously. It was sort of “whatever we are doing that night”, kind of thing. As we started writing songs it became clearer that we had a sound and an idea of what we were doing. As we started finding our sound, we started taking it more seriously. Jams became scheduled and shows started to get planned. We all were doing a lot of travelling back then so for me the band wasn’t the focus in my life that it is today but we were having a lot of fun playing and partying in those days.

SOTS – For anyone who hasn’t heard Out Of Order before could you describe the band’s sound?

Scott – That’s kind of difficult. I don’t like to box myself in but I always loved the idea of blending the rabid chaos of punk rock with the power of anthemic Oi music. I grew up listening to that UK82 style and bands like the Blitz and One Way System with their crossover element really appealed to me.

SOTS – Where did the name ‘Out Of Order’ come from?

Scott – Several people have claimed they came up with the idea for the band name but the honest truth is that it actually came from a line in the Oxymoron song “Dawn Patrol”. Perhaps it was an amalgam of conversations and the chaos of my life back then but Out of Order just seemed to fit. These were the days before everyone had the internet but I searched for another band with that name and the only thing I found was a German band that had existed for a few months back in 1981/82 and a ska band from California from the early 90’s. So I said, “Fuck it. Let’s go with it”.

SOTS – I can hear elements of British and American Oi! In your sound but what are your main influences and what band made you want to start a band.

Scott – Without a doubt, early British Oi and punk rock had the biggest influence in our music. I always loved the boiled down sounds of the UK 82 and early 80’s Oi like The Last Resort, Combat 84, the Exploited and One Way System. We’ve always tried to capture angry, balls to the wall punk rock. This music is empowerment and will straighten your spine.

SOTS – You guys have been around since 2001, what motivates you to keep the band going?

Scott – Stubbornness. I don’t know how to do anything else. I still feel like our music is on a journey of discovery. It’s too much fun to get off this train

SOTS – You have 3 albums out at the moment are there any plans for a new album? If so what can we expect from it and when is it likely to get released?

Scott – Actually yes, we just got out of the studio. We finished doing some pre-production for our upcoming 4th album, entitled BLOOD. We are halfway done the writing process and we are hoping to head back into the studio by mid-summer to complete the album. Crossing fingers, but hopefully the album will be ready to be released by the end of this year.

SOTS – What do think of the current scene and what has changed since you guys formed?

Scott – There seems to be a lot more drama in the scene nowadays. Perhaps I was just ignorant of it in the past but growing up problems were usually personal and always solved with a good knock up and done. Nowadays people seem emboldened and courageous sitting behind a screen. Now you have problems with people you’ve never met before or wouldn’t know what they look like if you did meet them. I’m sure drama has always been a part of the scene. I remember seeing videos of skinheads full out brawling during a Combat 84 gig, but there seems to be a pussy-ass-ness in today’s scene.

SOTS – What’s the scene like in Montreal? Are there any bands that you would recommend?

Scott – Montreal has a very large punk rock scene. With it being so large, it, unfortunately, gets a little cliquey at times. But there are a lot of great bands and different pubs to play in. Bands like the Ripcordz, Tailgunner, Vulgar Deli and the Gutter Demons have been around a long time and always get my recommendation.

SOTS – You have got some dates lined up in Europe in May, Are you looking forward to play Europe again?

Scott – We can’t wait to get back over to the European continent. We are coming over to play the Randale Meetup in Schramberg on May 12th and have shows lined up in France, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Germany.

SOTS – Are the audiences different in Europe than in Canada or America?

Scott – I’m not certain I would say they are different from country to country but rather city to city. One city can be totally different from the next. We had a great reception the last time we toured Europe and are really looking forward to coming back.

SOTS – For anyone who hasn’t seen you guys before what can they expect from an Out Of Order show?

Scott – We always give our last ounce of energy out on stage. We love to interact with the audience and I always feel our live show gets better and better every time we do it.

SOTS – In September you are coming back to play a show in the UK with Angry Agenda, Murdaball, Hospital Food and Hung Like Hanratty which is a great line up, you must be looking forward to that. Have you got any plans to play any other UK dates?

Scott – I absolutely love the UK. I’m really excited about coming back. Lou and Alan from WH Promotioms, putting that gig on, are absolute sweethearts and we can’t wait to come back and play for them. We have a few really exciting gigs lined up so far. We are still in the process of booking but we will be playing the 100 Club in London, a great festival Festival in Sheffield, Manchester, Morecombe and we will be doing a cancer benefit in Darlington that we are excited about. We also have a few surprises lined up for that tour so keep your ears peeled for announcements.

SOTS – When you were last in the UK you recorded a couple of tracks including ‘Life Sentence’ which you have kindly let us use in this interview, can you tell us s bit more about the track? Will this give us an idea what your next album will sound like?

Scott – We ended up recording a few tracks at Pressure Drop Studios in Stockport last year while we were there on tour. It wasn’t planned but we had the opportunity so we agreed to it. It was a great time but we were deep into the tour when we record and you can hear the edge of the road in those recordings. We actually plan on re-recording those tracks for our upcoming album. So you definitely got a taste of our upcoming album in those tracks.

SOTS – What do you think of the scene in the UK? Are there any bands that you would like to do a show with?

Scott – The UK does it right! My experience with dealing with everyone was great. We had a blast there and met some amazing people and played with some terrific bands. We are really fortunate to get to do this and England has been very kind to us. We were actually speaking with the guys from Crown Court last time we were through so it would be really nice to get something going on with them this time around. We will hopefully get something together with our friends in Arch Rivals, Wolf Bites Boy, Special Duties, and Angry Agenda. There’s a great band coming out of Liverpool called Bovver Bailey that everyone should check out and were working on getting something going on again with that excellent band.

SOTS – Thanks again for taking the time out to speak to me and I wish you all the best for the tour.

Scott – Thanks a lot Mark. I really appreciate the interview. We are excited about the new album and really looking forward to seeing everyone in Europe in May and The UK in September!