Interview – One Voice

One Voice are an Oi! from Germany and the Netherlands and released their brilliant debut album earlier this year which I absolutely love. I caught up with vocalist and bass player Joost to discuss how the band got together, their debut album amongst other things.

The band are looking to plays some shows in the UK and be booked through Breakout Bookings.

SOTS – Thank you for taking the time to speak to me. Can you start by introducing the band and how you guys got together?

Joost – Ok no problem Mark. First of all thanks for your great review on our album ‘Tradition Not Trend’ and for asking us to do this interview.  We’re One Voice, a band that’s partly from Dortmund in Germany and partly from a city called Roermond in the Netherlands.  Phil ( drums) and Andre (guitar) are living in Dortmund and I ( Joost – vocals and bass) am living in the Netherlands. I already knew Phil for quite some years and met him through my girlfriend ( she’s German and used to live near to Dortmund). Phil and I played in Evil Conduct just before the breakup at the end of 2015. After this breakup Phil and I didn’t want to give up playing together and Phil asked Andre to join us on guitar. Phil and Andre where already playing together for years and they are still playing together in a reggae band called Bunga Bunga Club.

SOTS – You recently released your debut ‘Tradition Not Trend’ on Sunny Bastard Records & Comandante Records which I think is an excellent album. Are you happy with how the album turned out?

Joost – Yes we’re very happy with the result. Off course there’s always room to make things better.  We only did 15 rehearsals to write all the songs and only played 4 gigs together before we went into the studio so we really can’t complain about the result.

SOTS – On the album you can hear a classic Oi! mixed with Ska and Psychobilly, what are the bands main influences?

Joost – I guess we have a lot of different  influences. Andre is really into Psychobilly and like I already mention Phil & Andre are playing in a reggae band together.  I’m also really into skinhead reggae, two tone and sixties ska. Actually all three of us like oi!, punk psychobilly, ska and reggae. But I guess our main influence still comes from eighties Oi! And punk bands like the Last Resort, The 4 Skins, Cock Sparrer, Sham 69, The Business and a lot of other bands.

SOTS – My favourite track on the is ‘One Voice’ which features guest vocals by Jonny from Gimp Fist and Henrike from Armada. How did collaboration happen? Would you consider doing something similar in the future?

Joost – I’m friends for years with the Gimp Fist guys. All three of ‘em are really nice and friendly guys. I still remember meeting Johnny and Michael the first time in Germany when they played in a Blitz memorial band together with the singer from Red Alert. From that moment on I got in touch with them, went to some of their gigs and shared the stage with them . Chris ( Gimp Fist’s bass player) and I are sending each other packages with merch from our bands for years now.

I got to know Henrike via Facebook since he posted a picture of his son holding a Evil Conduct record. Turned out that Henrike was the singer of the Blind Pigs and was really into Evil Conduct.  I checked his band was blown away by it from the start. Just check their song Uniao and you will know why.  Henrike and I stayed in touch and from one thing came another and in the end he got us in touch with a promoter in Brazil who booked Evil Conduct to play 4 gigs in Brazil.  We played all 4 gigs together with Blind Pigs and became friends for life with Henrike and his band mates.

If we got the chance to do something similar in the future we will do it again. It’s great to have your mates singing guest vocals on your album. And also an honour for us that both Johnny and Henrike wanted to do this for us!

SOTS – With the members of the band in living in Holland and Germany logistically this must be quite difficult in terms of writing material and rehearsing. Do you find this an issue?

Joost – It’s not perfect but we do one or two rehearsals every month now. Dortmund is 1.5 hour driving for me and since we have a lot of friends in Dortmund my girlfriend usually joins me and we’ll stay over with friends for the weekend. So actually it’s not a big issue. I only find it hard sometimes that we can’t do a extra rehearsal during week/workdays to speed up the process of song writing. But you can’t have everything can you?

SOTS – I think that the Punk and Oi! scene are in good shape. What are your thoughts on the shape of the scene and what bands are you currently listening to?

Joost – Yeah I also think there’s nothing to complain and a lot of great new bands popped up the last years. The only thing that worries me sometimes is that it seems that there aren’t a lot of younger people at the gigs anymore. I would say the average age at gigs in our area is between 35 and 40.

So I hope that all these new bands will trigger some youngsters to join our scene. Bands I’m listening, apart from all the big names like Cock Sparrer etc that everybody knows, are Live by the Sword, Brutal Bravo, The Young Ones, Nineteen Eighty Four, Crim, La Inquisicion, The Reapers, Savage Beat.. just to mention a few. I would also like to mention that all three of us are playing in other bands. Andre plays guitar in The Diggerz and Messerstecher Herzensbrecher ( both Psychobilly ), Phil is the leadsinger of The Dörmps (Oi!) and I’m playing bass in a band called On the Rampage (Oi!).

SOTS – You have played a few shows in mainland Europe have you got any plans to come over to the UK?

Joost – We don’t have any gigs scheduled in the UK but we would love to play in the UK!

SOTS – What’s next for the band? Are there any plans to go into the studio?

Joost – Up next for the band is playing gigs. We have three gigs coming up the next 4 weeks and are going to share the stage with Brutal Bravo, Buster Shuffle, Aggressive, Dörpms, Bembelbois and some other bands.  We’re also working on new songs currently but it will take a while before we hit the studio again I think.

Joost – Up next for the band is playing gigs. We have three gigs coming up the next 4 weeks and are going to share the stage with Brutal Bravo, Buster Shuffle, Aggressive, Dörpms, Bembelbois and some other bands.  We’re also working on new songs currently but it will take a while before we hit the studio again I think.

SOTS – Thanks again for taking the time to speak to me and I hope to catch you at a show soon?

Joost – Thanks again for inviting us and it would be nice to catch you at a gig in the UK or on the mainland. Thumbs up for your fanzine and giving bands like us some extra publicity!