Interview – Mob Mentality

Mob Mentality may be less than a year old but they have been incredibly busy and have just released one of our favourite albums of the year. We caught up with vocalist Dan who gave us an insight into the band. Enjoy!

Sounds Of The Street – Hi Dan, I hope things are good with you and thanks for taking time to speak to us. For people that don’t know much about Mob Mentality can you start by introducing the band and how you guys got together?

Dan – Sure no problem me (Dan) on vocals, Jamie and Skip on guitar, Maurice on bass, and Santo on drums. We formed Mob Mentality early in 2017 because both of our respective bands (Wolverines and H77) had stopped playing shows.  We knew each other and decided to throw together a demo. So far in the past year, we have recorded a 4 song EP, to begin with, a 14 song full length which has not been released yet, a split with Hooligan Justice, and 6 more songs for 2 more splits that have not yet been announced. 

SOTS – Although your sound is brutal and powerful it’s also melodic and catchy as hell, do you agree with this and what are the bands main influences?

Dan – Yes, I think that’s pretty accurate. In Mob Mentality, we definitely developed a style but at the same time, we basically record/play whatever we like, that’s one of the things that I like about Mob Mentality, we don’t limit ourselves.

Skip and Jamie do a hell of a job putting the music together, I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends to make music with.

As far as main influences, I really can’t answer for the others but for myself, Stars and Stripes and The Bruisers are my main influences.

SOTS – For a band that’s less than a year old you have released an E.P, a split E.P and are about to release your debut album which is pretty good going. You must be pleased with that?

Dan – Absolutely. I’m very proud and impressed with how fast we are putting stuff out there, and we’re just getting started.

Our first E.P. No Honor No Guts No Glory was the introduction of the band, and fortunately, we received positive feedback, so we have stayed busy since then.

Our recent split called American Skinheads with HOOLIGAN JUSTICE has been doing well also, I highly recommend everyone to checkout Hooligan Justice, they are a kickass American Oi! Band from Texas. Download free here

Plus a 14 track LP “Carry on Tradition “soon to be released. The future is looking good.

SOTS – The album ‘Carry On Tradition’ is one of our favourite albums this year, you must be so proud of this?

Dan – Thank you very much! Our LP Carry on Tradition is something to give back to the scene, and do our best to represent American Oi! but no matter where you come from, we want everyone to enjoy it, we have songs that hit a wide range of topics plus skinhead Anthems/sing-alongs.

We really put a lot into these 14 new tracks so we can’t wait for these songs to get out there, we are very proud.

SOTS – Who are the main songwriters in the band? Do you write the lyrics? If so how do you find this an easy process?

Dan – Everyone in the band contributes when it comes to the songwriting process.

We have a unique way of writing and recording.  Typically, Skip will start by recording the drums, then do the bass and guitars.

After that, he will send the tracks to me to write lyrics. Jamie will think of solos or guitar parts to add.  We then get back together in the studio, iron out all the instrument stuff, then go over the lyrics, make sure we like them, then record them. By now I’m so used to the process that it has become second nature, we all have the same vision for the band so we work great together. I’ve had bad experiences in the past with bands in the studio and that ain’t fun. Mob Mentality gets shit done in the studio, we don’t fuck around.

SOTS – The Street Punk/Oi! scene is in good health at the moment both in America and in the UK. What bands are you currently listening to? What do you think of the bands coming out of the UK?

Dan – I’m currently listening to Hooligan Justice, Embattled, The Unaccepted, Blood N Beer, Arch Rivals, B- Squadron and Brassknuckle to name a few…

I think a lot of good bands are coming out of the U.K. so the U.K. scene is looking pretty strong. The same goes for America.

We have some support from across the pond so I hope Mob Mentality can play over there one day soon. Anyone wanting us to play a festival over there feel free to contact us!

SOTS – Have you got any plans to go out on tour in the near future?

Dan – As of now because we’re busy recording and busy with our families no plans to tour, but definitely expect a lot more music and hopefully we play some shows/festivals down the road. Who knows maybe a European tour? Anything is possible.

SOTS – What does 2018 hold for Mob Mentality?

Dan – Hit the studio, write new music, Vinyl, Cds, play some shows, hopefully, invade Europe.

We have some things in the works

SOTS – Thanks again for speaking to us, we wish you all the best for the next year.

Dan – We want to thank you very much for the support, SOUNDS OF THE STREET does a great job supporting the scene, and you guys supported us since day one.

We also want to thank Jason Long of SMASH THE DISCOS and Mick Fletcher of JUST SOME PUNK SONGS. All you guys do a great job and thanks for supporting Mob Mentality.

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