Interview Knock Off


Knock Off are the one of the UK’s best and hardest working bands and I had the opportunity to put some questions to singer Andy. Enjoy!

Sounds Of The Street. Hey Andy thanks for taking the time to speak to me. Can you start things off by introducing the band and how you guys got together?

Andy T. Hiya, Me and Lozz were in a Punk covers band for a few years and had got bored with doing covers. Andy C was in another covers band so we asked him if he fancied a beer. We had a beer and a chat about some songs and ideas I had. We set up a jam and that was that.

SOTS. Since you started in 2013 you have released 3 albums , a single and have now just released the ‘Riot’ E.P. that’s pretty impressive what drives the band to keep producing new material?

AT. We just love playing and rehearse every week so songs are always popping out. When you’ve got 3 angry middle aged blokes there’s always going to be something to write a song about.


SOTS. Many of your songs are full of anger about the state this country of ours is in which most people can relate to. What are your thoughts on our shambolic government and what do you think needs for happen to improve this country?

AT. Ha Ha, as above. We’re not a particularly political band and think that all politicians are in it for themselves once they get into that den of sin in Westminster. Sadly we don’t have the answers other than for people to stop being so greedy and work and live together. Sounds easy eh?
SOTS. Who is the main songwriter in the band or is it a collective effort?

AT. We’ll all come up with ideas and turn them into the finished article. Many bands work on a percentage basis on writing and performing which leads to people sulking or writing stuff just to get a bit of the credit. We’re a band and a third of £20 million quid is a lots of money and a third if Fuck all is still fuck all so nobody loses.

SOTS. Who are the bands influences?

AT. I guess the one that always pops out is The Partisans bit really were influenced by the stuff we grew up with from the original stuff and the 2 wave stuff.
Newer stuff like Old Firm Casuals and Booze & Glory too.

SOTS. The Punk and Oi! scene in the UK is thriving at the moment. What are your thoughts on the current scene? What bands are you listening to?

AT. The scene is amazing at the moment with some of the old guard still going strong and newer bands coming through. When we first started gigging we’d be supporting bands like sham and the rejects and people wouldn’t bother to come and watch the supports. I think that’s got better but it’s a shame when it’s like that cos a support band could become your new favourite band if you give ’em a chance.

SOTS. Whilst walking around this Rebellion there were Knock Off T-Shirts everywhere and you had a massive crowd. How was it for you? Its got to be a massive buzz seeing so many people wearing your merchandise?

AT. It was crazy walking out to that crowd at rebellion. Daz and Jenny showed a lot of faith in us to move us up to a bigger stage and we were up against some great bands so we were buzzing to see that many people. It’s great seeing our shirts out there too. I saw someone with our logo on his leather in the street so I chased him to get a photo of it.

SOTS. In my opinion you are quite possibly the hardest working band on the scene and are constantly playing shows? For anyone who has never seen you play what can they expect from a Knock Off gig?

AT. We just love playing. We have the same energy whether we’re onstage or in a rehearsal room.
Passion, anger and a good old singalong is how I’d describe it.

SOTS. What are you plans for the rest of the year? Do you plan to go back into the studio anytime soon?

AT. Just to keep gigging. We’ve still got plenty and next year is looking good too.
We’re hoping to have Riot our on a picture disc this year and a new album next year

. Thanks again for taking the time to speak to me and I wish you all the best for the future.

AT. Thank you.