Oi! Say Can You See: The American Streetpunk Guide

Written By Jason Long(Smash The Discos)


Everyone here in the states knows where sounds of our subculture originate from. The UK has produced the best of the best, no doubt. The skinhead and punk rock noise from your yard, combined with American Rock n Roll, is the formula from which we are made. We all have nothing but the highest respect for what you have done and continue to do, but I’m stopping in here today to show you what we got going on here in the USA. Sure, I realize that many of you are more than familiar with our Streetpunk bands, but lately, I’ve discovered on social media that are many of you aren’t. That’s all good. That’s what us zine guys are here for. Sounds Of The Streets, and my own zine, Smash The Discos, serve one purpose: Introduce you to new music. It’s what we do. We don’t make money. We dedicate a lot of time to it. The only reason is that we love our scenes. When someone discovers something new, and they tell you about how much it gave them a badly needed punch to the eardrum, then that’s how we get our satisfaction out of this whole thing. Now, if you got a minute, read on and I’ll take you across the map and show you our best. Of course, I can’t mention them all, and I know I’ll kick myself later for forgetting someone, but…. here goes

Starting in California, CCM (Crowd Control Media) has a pretty good handle on things. They work with most of the best up and coming Streetpunk bands out there. The Hardknocksgoo are easily the undisputed champs. Their sound is heavier than most, mixed with hardcore. They are well known and find themselves on some great bills.


Bare Knuckle Hooligans

This Is one band that you definitely want to pick up on if you haven’t already. The bands that CCM works with are all over the states. Other top choices are The SmƤrtboyz, Bare Knuckle Hooligans, The Brass, Race Riot 59, Riotgun, Drastic Actions, Make Your Mark, The Malchicks, Short Timers, Dogs In The Fight, Wartribe, No Coast Criminals, and Young Idea. There are so much more, but these are to just name a few. Check out the rest at Crowd Control Media.


Moving to the Southwest, we have Mr. Mike Oxley. You may know him as the man behind The Fatskins and Oxleys Midnight Runners. The Fatskins are one of the first names in American Oi.


Oxleys Midnight Runners is his second band with Lars Frederiksen of Rancid. Both are solid projects, and if you’re looking into American Streetpunk for your collection, you’re going to want to start here. While we’re in the desert, you’re also going to want to check out the “broken hearts lead to broken bottles” sound of the Blue Collar Criminals, and full throttle thug rock of Bricktop. The desert is not for the weak, my friends.


Concrete Elite

The great state of Texas has a thriving skinhead and punk scene. By far, some of the best I’ve heard to date. A few Texas bands have been mentioned already in this article, but there’s so much more it’s sick! Concrete Elite easily takes the crown with their brick wall Oi noise. Manny’s vocals are so powerful they will literally shake your skull. Here’s a bonus for all you Europeans. The mighty Hardsell has reformed in Austin, TX with members of Sniper 66 and The Beltones. Their album is coming soon, and it’s going to blow your mind! Texas has so much going on, it’s hard to keep track of all of it, from the talented songwriting skills of Mike Razorwire to other great bands rising up to be heard, such as Hooligan Justice and Blood N Beer.

Some notable bands across the southern stretch are The Reserves from Nashville and Negro Terror from Knoxville. Nashville has been the home of many great punk bands over the years and has been generating a lot of interest as a show stop for tours lately. Definitely, an area to keep your eyes on.



Atlanta… The dirty south. Atlanta has a sound of its own. Their brand of Streetpunk bleeds rock n roll. Maybe it’s in the water there. Atlanta hosts some insanely great bands such as Antagonizers ATL, DDC (Drink and Destroy Crew), The Hanging Judge, and The Breaks. Funny thing about Atlanta is that these guys are all tight. Once you get familiar with any one of them, you will soon enough know all of them. The dirty South is the home of positive energy, great people, and some of the best Streetpunk known to man.


Not too far away, riding up the east coast is The Beatdowns. The Beatdowns get a special mention because they preserve the sound of 90s American Oi so well, it refuses to be forgotten. Oi!


The Midwest is the area of the states with the most hardcore influence to their sound. Maybe it’s the brutal winters we freeze our balls off too or the shitty factories we burn alive in, but that’s just how it is. Rebellion Records is present with bands like Assault & Battery, and Victory; two insanely great bands. Empire Falls is one band we’re looking forward to.


The North East is perhaps one of our most famous areas in the states. It’s the home of NYHC, with bands like Agnostic Front. There’s Boston, with bands like the Dropkick Murphy’s. Pennsylvania hosts Wisdom and Chains. There’s a hardcore network that starts in the north east and branches out all the way to Detroit, MI with bands like Cold As Life.

Cold As Life

The bands in the north east are the ones most likely to tour Europe, so there’s a good chance you’ve heard of most of our hardcore bands. But, there are a lot of up and coming Streetpunk bands just now getting it together. One, in particular, is Dan Hooligan of Mob Mentality. I believe people will soon discover Dan’s songwriting talents.


So, that’s what I got for you as a starter list. There’s so much more like Noi!se and Patriot. I run a zine and can barely keep up. My apologies to any bands I’ve forgotten. Just know that the bands we feature in the zine, are the bands we love. The rest can be found there. Come check it out to discover more. Keep checking in on Sounds Of The Street to discover even more. Support your scene. The scene is already divided enough. Petty squabbles between bands over stupid shit just weaken us. Get the fuck over it. A well deserved shout out must be given to the founder, Mark Jones, of Sound Of The Streets for defending bands falsely accuse of nonsense from an attention starved halfwit. We need more of that out there. Oi Oi Mark

Oi! don’t pay the bills. We all do this because it’s just simply who we are. It doesn’t get any more fucking real than that. Oi!


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