The Filaments ‘Look To The Skies’ Album Launch


The Filaments/Lion’s Law/Knuckledust/The Restarts/Gundog/Nasty Bastard

Underworld, Camden 16th June 2018
Written by Mark Jones


After listening to the magnificent ‘Look To The Skies’ for a few weeks I knew that this was a gig that I couldn’t miss. Not only would this be the first opportunity to hear songs from the new album live but the band put together a brilliant line up with some great bands covering all types of Punk.

Nasty Bastard

As the venue had a 10pm curfew this was an early start with the first band, Nasty Bastard on stage at 5.45pm. Featuring Jon and Mike from the Filaments the band’s set was full of short punchy hardcore punk songs that were incredibly enjoyable and their 15-minute set got the night off to a great start. Next up was Gundog, an Oi! band from London featuring Herve from the Filaments who have been playing their hard-hitting Oi! since the late nineties. This was the second time I’ve seen this band in the last couple of years and they have been brilliant both times, playing no-nonsense Oi! which I enjoyed as did the skinheads that were in early enough to catch them.


Things go up a gear when The Restarts take to the stage armed with their politically angry punk rock songs and brings the biggest crowd of the night so far. This is not the sort of thing I usually listen to at home but the 3 piece played an amazing set and got the crowd going brilliantly. I will definitely be checking these guys out again.

The Restarts



I thought the Restarts set went up a gear, well when London’s hardcore crew Knuckledust hit the stage things just go insane. The band were playing their 1996 ‘London Hardcore’ E.P in full as well as some newer songs which made for an impressive set that got the crowd going nuts. By far the heaviest band of the night but the energy the band brought to the stage was incredible and frontman Pierre was often in the crowd surrounded by fans singing along with him. When the band left the stage they left the crowd with massive smiles on their faces.

Lions Law

It was a tough job to come on stage next after a remarkable set from Knuckledust, but Lion’s Law were more than up to the job and gave us an amazing set of melodic sing-along Oi! anthems. The band got a big crowd and those at the front were singing and clapping along with massive smiles on their faces. This was a brilliant set and for me, the highlight was when they played one of my favourite songs ‘On The Terraces’ an anthem that the crowd were singing along to with their fist in the air. Amazing!

The Filaments

After a night of brilliant music, it was The Filaments turn to take to the stage launching into ‘Fuck The “Alt”-Right’ and ‘Look to the Skies’ from their new album. The band bought bags of energy and enthusiasm to the stage and the crowd responded brilliantly and got rowdier as the set went on. As well as playing tracks from ‘Look To The Skies’ the crowd were treated to favourites such as ‘Tears of Essex’, ‘Mafia’, ‘Men of Law’, ‘B.P.C’ and ‘Punk Unity’ which they sang along to with big grins on their faces. The songs from their back catalogue were brilliant but new songs ‘Rip-Off World’ and ‘The Verge’ were great and the crowd seemed to enjoy them. The band seemed to feed off the crowd’s reaction which made for an excellent set but things went up a notch when they played ‘Bastard Coppers’ in which the crowd went wild and finished the set with ‘Sick Joke’ with the crowd singing along with the band. If the Filaments are playing around you make sure you go along you won’t be disappointed.

This was a brilliant night of music with bands on the bill that wouldn’t normally play together which made for a great night.