Vis Vires – The Wolves

Contra Records, Battle Scarred Records, The Firm Records and Common People Records
Written By Mark Jones

Vis Vires are a new Oi!/Streetpunk band from Los Angeles and have just released their debut EP ‘The Wolves’. Although they are a new band, Vis Vires have bags of experience and feature members of ‘The Templars, The Hardknocks, and Bovver Wonderland and this experience shows on this impressive release.

If you like bands like Legion 76, Drink And Destroy Crew, Noise, and the Hardknocks then you will love the four anthems on ‘The Wolves’. Kicking off with military style  drums, ‘Witch Hunt’ is an absolute  belter of a song full of slick guitars, great lyrics which are performed brilliantly by the band. The title track comes next and it’s another great anthem which has a tough as nails sound and is probably my favourite track on the EP.

The second side is equally as good as the first with another two brilliant tracks in ‘Vengeance’ and the excellent ‘This Is The End’, a brilliant melodic track with a killer chorus that I’m sure you will just sing along to, I know I do.

Vis Vires have given us a great introduction and I for one can’t wait to see what they give us next. If you like the bands listed above then this is a must buy.