The Young Ones – Greatest Hits Vol. II

Contra Records
Written By Mark Jones

The Young Ones ‘Our Nose In Their Business’ was one of my favourite singles of 2017. I was waiting with baited breath to see what they would come up with next, and I’ve got to say that the band have outdone themselves with their new offering ‘Greatest Hits Vol. II’. The band often get compared to Oi! legends the Cockney Rejects even naming their 2nd album the same as them and there is no denying the influence but there is much more to the them than a Rejects rip off band.

On ‘Greatest Hits Vol. II’, the Dutch 5 piece have given us 6 aggressive and powerful Oi! anthems and is without question the band’s best work to date. The band grab my attention straight away with the opening song ‘The Kick Off’, a fantastic in your face track with a killer chorus and then leads brilliantly to the excellent ‘The Boys Are Here’.

Just when you think that this release can’t get any better than the first 2 tracks, the band give us the excellent ‘Frappe Nights’ and if this record ended now I would be an extremely happy chap. Thankfully the band give us another 3 tracks, ‘Shitter’, ‘Stunning Cunt’ and the sublime ‘The Liquidator’ which is quite possibly my favourite track on the record.

There really isn’t much more to say other than to get yourself a copy, grab a beer and crank up the volume. A fantastic record!