The Stance – S/T EP

Contra Records

Written by Mark Jones

The Stance are an Oi! band from Boston, Massachusetts featuring members of Warbox, Dusters, The Press, and Shiner. The band have previously released two demo tapes before being picked up by Contra Records for this self-titled debut. I haven’t listened to the demo tapes so this EP is the first thing I’ve listened to and I have to say that they caught me completely off guard and I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

The Stance are not your typical Oi! band, they mix hard rock, bluesy riffs, and Oi! to create an unique sound. I have to admit that it took me a few listens to get this EP but I am glad that I persevered as this is one fine release that will be on my playlist for some time to come.

The four tracks ‘Vehicle Spun Out’, ‘On The Run’, ‘Thoughts Of Trouble’, and ‘No New Breed’ are all raw, brutal and just outright mean and I love it. They are all full of great riffs, bags of power and vocals by Kam that will shake your bones.

The Stance are like no other band around and have given us an impressive debut. I urge you to give these guys a listen you won’t be disappointed.