The Lads – Counterculture

Contra Records
Written by Mark Jones

 The Lads have one mission and that is to make Skinhead great again, and I can tell you that after listening to their debut album ‘Counterculture’ they have achieved their goal. Hailing from Freiburg in Southern Germany, the four piece play music with plenty of hate and anger and sound like they are straight from the 1980’s. The  album was recently released through Contra Records and features 11 no fuss anthems that I just can’t get enough of.

 ‘Counterculture’ is a real punk album full of rough and ready streetwise tracks with simple but great melodies and raspy vocals that are delivered brilliantly by Konninger. The album kicks off with probably my favourite song ‘We Are The Lads’ a brilliantly melodic song with well written lyrics and sets the marker down for the rest of the album. Even though the first track is probably my favourite there really isn’t a bad track on ‘Counterculture’ and the band deliver anthem after anthem including ‘Hate And Anger’, ‘No Regrets’, ‘Entropy’, ‘What Makes Me Sick’, and the excellent ‘Something In The Water’.

I have to say that the Lads have given us one hell of and album and I urge you to get a copy. This album proves that Skinhead is great again and long may it last.