Strike Back – About Justice

Tough Ain’t Enough Records
Written by Mark Jones

I have to admit that I new nothing of Strike Back prior to getting sent their new E.P ‘About Justice’ which is out now on Tough Ain’t Enough Records. But after giving this a few listens I can tell you that I will definitely be checking out their previous work, even if its half as good as this it will still make for great listening.

‘About Justice’ comes two years after the album ‘Alone in the Battle’ and I can tell you now this Madrid trio know how to write a decent song, and the 3 tracks on this E.P are the proof.  The E.P kicks off with the sublime ‘Destroy, Divide’, a powerful song that packs a punch, has some great guitar work, and has some well crafted lyrics that are performed brilliantly.

The second side starts with the band performing in their native tongue on ‘Incapaces’ (Unable), a fast in your face song with another great vocal performance. This fine E.P comes to an end with excellent ‘Watchdogs of the State’ another well written anthem that I just can’t stop listening to.

‘About Justice’ is an impressive E.P that I will no doubt be a constant on my stereo for the next few months. I recommend that you get yourself a copy, grab a beer, and crank up the volume!