Priorities- S/T EP

Written by Mark Jones

I often scour the internet to find new music to review and I love it when a band blows me away, and Priorities are one of these bands. Hailing from Athens, Greece, the band got together last year by  (ex)members of Close Combat, Omixlh, The Vagabonds 77, The Beggar Belief, and The Tits and play melodic streetpunk/Oi!. They have just released their debut self-titled EP which is available for free from Bandcamp.

The four tracks on the EP are well written sing-along streetpunk anthems full of brilliant riffs, great lyrics and are so melodic I guarantee they will get stuck in your head. First up is ‘Weekend  Warriors You Say’, a great song with great lyrics and leads brilliantly into the incredibly melodic ‘You Better Shoot’, which is an absolute gem of a song.

I thought that the first two tracks were good but the EP just gets better and better with ‘Keep On  Fighting’, a brilliant song riff heavy track that I just can’t get enough of. For me though the band have saved the best until last with ‘For My Mates’, a fantastic song looking back at a life in the skinhead subculture which closes this impressive debut brilliantly.

There really isn’t anything else to say than go and download it!