One Voice – Tradition Not Trend

Sunny Bastards and Comandante Records

Written by Mark Jones

Most new bands these days usually release a demo or maybe an EP before releasing an album, not One Voice who have recently released their debut album ‘Tradition Not Trend’ through Sunny Bastards and Comandante records. Hailing from the Netherlands and Germany the three piece feature members or ex-members of The Diggerz, Dorpms, and Evil Conduct and have a classic Oi! sound mixed Ska and a little bit Psychobilly which is executed brilliantly.

The twelve songs on ‘Tradition Not Trend’ are all well written, have great melodies and will get you singing along in no time at all. The album kicks off with two excellent anthems, firstly is the title track followed by ‘Better Days Will Come’ both of which are catchy and upbeat that would be rude not to sing-along to. The album takes a slightly slow turn with ‘Miners Tale’ which is about the struggles of  working class men that work in awful conditions just to support their family and is one of the best songs on the album.

The album continues with excellently written songs like ‘You and I’, ‘Dead End Job’, and ‘Hangover’ before my favourite track ‘One Voice’, another slower track that features guest vocals from Henrike from Brazilian band Armada and Jonny from the brilliant Gimp Fist. The rest of the album is equally as good as what has come before with gems like ‘Here to Stay’, ‘Take The Bullet’, ‘They Will Never Know’, and the final track ‘Drink Some More’ which has a Cockney Rejects feel to it.

‘Tradition Not Trend’ is a very good debut album by One Voice and I am looking forward to what they do next. Well worth checking out.