Hard Wax – This Is Sound

Rebellion Records, LSM Vinyl, and Union Records(CD Only)

Written by Mark Jones

Hard Wax are back! UK’s finest bovver rock band return with a new album 2 years after they gave us their excellent debut ‘Diamond In The Rough’. Armed with 10 brand new tracks ‘This Is Sound’ is one hell of an album which will make wanna stomp the night away and  is out now through Rebellion Records, LSM Vinyl and Union Records.

The first thing I notice after the first couple of listens to ‘This Is Sound’ is that the band have re-invented their sound a bit with the addition of of Keys and horns which complements their other instruments perfectly. Hard Wax have got the knack for writing songs that make you wanna dance and the 10 songs that the band give us here do just that.

The band have my attention straight away with brilliant opener ‘Welcome To Bovver Rock  City’ which sets the standard for the rest of the album nicely. What’s so good about this record is that at just under 30 minutes the band have packed the album with 10 killer anthems without feeling the need to fill the album with tracks just for the sake of it which makes for a perfect listen.

There are so many highlights on ‘This Is Sound’ including ‘Living The Dream’, ‘Razor Part Rebels’,’Days Of Glory’,’Boys On A Saturday Night’, and the incredible ‘Not Just A Pin-Up Girl’ which I have to say is probably my favourite song on the album. I have to say that the band have outdone themselves with this album and I would say that’s it’s there best release to date.

There’s really nothing else to say other than you should get your boots on, grab a beer and enjoy one of the albums of the year. This record is a must buy!