Hard Evidence – Last . Gasp

Rebellion Records & LSM Vinyl
Written by Mark Jones

2 years after their last self-released album many people thought that St Louis’ Hard Evidence had called it a day, but thankfully they are back with an absolute killer of a mini album and probably their best work to date. ‘Last . Gasp’ features 7 catchy and melodic gems that fuse Glam, ’77 punk and streetpunk and the results are nothing short of sublime.

It’s clear from the opener ‘Blaze of Glory’ that Hard Evidence mean business as this song is full killer hooks, great lyrics which Ryan performs absolutely brilliantly, if the other tracks are even half as good as this then we are in for an absolute treat. Thankfully the band don’t let us down as they deliver gem after gem like ‘Something To Believe’, ‘Young Blood’, and the boot stomping anthem ‘Can’t Take It’.

Just when I think that ‘ Last . Gasp’ can’t get any better the band give us an absolute belter in ‘On My Block’, a catchy as hell track which you just can’t help singing along to. Throughout the album the band have given us glimpses of a glam influence so it seems fitting that they take on Glam legends Slade with a superb version of ‘When I’m Dancing I ain’t Fighting’. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and the band finish this brilliant album with the fantastic ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Manifesto’, a great ending to one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while.

‘Last . Gasp’ is an album that needs to be listened to by as many people as possible, so do yourself a favour and grab yourself a copy. If you are fans of The Crack, Slaughter of the Dogs, and Cock Sparrer this is a must.