Delinquents – Sober On Sunday EP

Written by Mark Jones

The Delinquents are David Hennessy(Guitar/Vocals), Ryan Hughes(Drums), and Andrew Connon(Bass) and together they make a great punk rock sound. Hailing from Dundee the band released their debut album ‘About Last Night’ in 2017 and have built up a strong fan base and have played Rebellion 2 years in a row and have been asked back again this year. The band have just dropped their new EP ‘Sober On Sunday’ featuring four cracking new songs which makes for an impressive listen.

The title track kicks off proceedings and what a start it is. Just over one and a half minutes of furious punk rock that’s packed full of energy, is catchy as hell and is a brilliantly written song . Although the Delinquents are a punk band a can hear elements of indie/alternative rock which is evident on ‘Three Sheets To The Wind’ and ‘No Disguise’, both of which are brilliant tracks with the latter being my favourite track on the EP.

After the energy of the first three tracks the band finish off with acoustic number ‘Sinners’. At first I wasn’t too sure as I prefer the energy of the previous songs, but after several listens I’ve got to say that the band have won me over and with just acoustic guitar, piano and vocals the track is full of vulnerability and rawness which I love.

This is another fine release by this young British band who I’m sure will be around the punk scene for some time to come.