Concrete Elite – The Survival EP

Rebellion Records and LSM Vinyl
Written by Mark Jones

Just over a after the release of the impressive debut album ‘Iron Rose’, Texan hard-hitters Concrete Elite are back with a brand new EP ‘The Survival’ through Rebellion Records and LSM Vinyl. ‘Iron Rose’ showed us that the Austin five piece are probably one of the heaviest Oi! bands around and the seven tracks on this impressive EP reaffirms this.

If you liked the bands debut album then you will absolutely love the tracks on ‘The Survival’ which are all tough as nails, well played and have well written lyrics which Manny delivers superbly . The band have me hooked straight away with the first two tracks ‘We Want It All’ and ‘Got To Get Out’, which are both  ferociously powerful tracks that I guarantee will blow any cobwebs away. Next up is the title track which for me is my favourite song on the album and features a guest appearance from Carl Templar.

The EP continues the great start with ‘Power Over Power’ before ‘Scavenger’, a brilliantly brutal yet melodic gem which kicks off with a great guitar lick. The final two songs ‘Against All Odds’ and ‘Razor Boys’ are both brilliantly written hard-hitting Oi! and a great ending to another fantastic release by these Texan powerhouses.

This is a must buy if you like your Oi! On the heavier side!