Brutal Bravo – Über Allies EP

Contra Records & LSM Vinyl

Written by Mark Jones

South German Oi! outfit Brutal Bravo are back with four new tracks on the new EP ‘Über Allies’ which is out now on Contra Records and LSM Vinyl. Following 2017’s sold out debut EP the band give us more fast and furious Oi! anthems which is another great release by this impressive band.

The four tracks on here have simple and aggressive melodies played at a furious pace and the EP is over in just nine minutes. The tracks are ‘Brutal Bravo – Über Allies’, ‘Flick Knife Attitude’, ‘Left Overs’, and ‘Boredom’, they are all excellently written songs that I have had on repeat for that last few days.

If you ever wondered what the missing link was between Poison Idea and Anti-Heroes here’s the answer. Overall this is a brilliant release and I’m already looking forward to the next one.