Brix’n Mortar – Freshcut

Written by Mark Jones

Following last year’s Demo Brix’n Mortar are back with a new two track single ‘Freshcut’. The three piece from Salem, Massachusetts who formed in 2017 and mix Hardcore, Oi!, and Punk to create a killer sound that’s fresh and I for one love what they do.

The two tracks on here ‘Freshcut’ and ‘Suburban Murders, are taken from the bands forthcoming debut album ‘Poison Words’ and on this form it should be one hell of a record. The first track has more of a Hardcore feel that’s brutal whilst staying melodic and the chorus is sublime and would be rude not to sing-along to. The second song has a completely different sound with a piano intro before going into a melodic gem of a song that is written and performed brilliantly.

Brix’n Mortar have the knack for writing brilliant songs and I cant wait to listen to their debut album . You can download this single for free from Bandcamp which I urge you to do , you won’t be disappointed.