Various Artists – Upstate Records Volume 1

Upstate Records
Written By Mark Jones

Over the years New York has given us some excellent Hardcore bands and labels and the scene seems to go from strength to strength, well there is a new label on the scene which proves that this is the case. Upstate Records is based in Albany, New York and they have just put out their first release, a 26 song compilation of some of the finest Hardcore/Thrash Metal from all over the world and it’s a perfect start to introduce the label to the world.

What I like about this album is that half the bands are unsigned and are getting some exposure that without labels like Upstate they would not be getting so they deserve some credit for this. Some of the performances on here by the likes of Act Of War, Eternal War, Matriarchs, Goldteeth, and the excellent One Down who are all unsigned surely deserve the exposure and will hopefully get signed.

There are so many great songs on this album but some of my highlights are ‘Screams Of Lies’ by Fankaz, ‘FYD’ by One Less Scumbag, ‘Your Gun vs Our Gun’ by Built For Battle and AASB’s ‘Hope Not’. If I was forced to pick one stand out track it would have to be ‘Empty’ by Upstate’s own Nailed Down, a brilliant track which is guaranteed to blow any cobwebs away.

If you are a fan of Hardcore/Metalcore I would strongly recommend that you pick up a copy of this album you won’t be disappointed and who knows you might find your new favourite band. I’m already looking forward to volume 2.