The Faceless Offenders – We Don’t Pose

Contra Records
Written by Mark Jones

The Faceless Offenders is a very apt name for this band as not a lot is known about this band apart from that it is a studio project which features veterans from the Punk and Oi! scene. So there is a mystery around the band but one thing is certain and that is they have just released a killer debut E.P that I can’t stop listening to.

The four tracks on ‘We Don’t Pose’ are all incredibly catchy anthems, it’s pretty obvious that these guys are enjoying themselves and it’s an absolute joy to listen to. The tracks are all well written and lyrically they are witty and at times nasty which is quite evident on the opener ‘Destroyed’, a cracking song taking a pop at the current scene stating it’s a fashion, not a passion and is “just a bunch of whining hippies now”.

There is no messing around on this E.P and the title track is another belter of a song which starts and ends with the brilliant line of “Skinhead, Bootboys, No Politics Just Oi! and has a great chorus that I just can’t get out of my head. The second side continues the excellence of the first with ‘Our Way’ and ‘Die In Style’ both excellent melodic songs that I challenge you not to sing along to, you will quickly find out that this isn’t possible.

I hope that this isn’t a one-off release by the Faceless Offenders as the only criticism I have is that it leaves you wanting more. ‘We Don’t Pose’ is a brilliant E.P that I haven’t stopped listening to since I got it and I’m sure will be on my stereo for many months to come.