The Doubling Boys – Bide Luzea

The Doubling Boys – Bide Luzea
Tough Ain’t Enough Records, Primator Crew, and No Turning Back Records
Written By Mark Jones

The Doubling Boys are a band from the Basque Country that plays Oi!/Skinhead Rock ‘N’ Roll and have just released their latest offering which is an absolute cracker. To be honest I didn’t know too much about the band before but they formed in 2004 and have released 2 albums ‘Oihu Egin Nahi Dut’ in 2005 and ‘Denbora Aurrera Doa’ in 2011, one thing is for certain though after listening to this E.P I will definitely be checking out these out.

Of the 3 songs on ‘Bide Luzea’ 2 are sung in their native language, the title track and ‘Skinhead’, and although I can’t understand what’s being said what’s not to like, big hooks, great vocals and massive sing-along choruses. The highlight for me is the final track ‘Bad Reputation’, a brilliant Skinhead Rock ‘N’ Roll song that I just can’t stop playing.

‘Bide Luzea’ is a fine E.P from an excellent band and I recommend that you pick up a copy and track down their previous albums, I know I’m going to.