The Clinch – Our Path Is One

Osu! Records and Sunny Bastards Records
Written by Mark Jones

The Clinch are a 4 piece Oi!/punk band from Melbourne, Australia featuring members of The Worst, Clint Flick and Animal Boon. Having known each other for years they decided to join forces and formed The Clinch in 2017, perfecting their sound playing shows with the likes of No Class, Rust, Bulldog Spirit and Those Rat Bastard. The bands sound is influenced by 80’s Oi!, Punk, Australian Rock and traditional union songs all of which are apparent on this excellent debut album.

‘Our Path Is One’ features 11 hard-hitting yet catchy tracks that blends Oi!, punk and pub rock with outstanding results and makes for an enjoyable 35 minutes. All the tracks are gritty and melodic anthems that are packed full of great melodies, great choruses and excellent lead vocals which are backed up brilliantly by the rest of the band.

The band should be proud of this album because from the opening track ‘Hearts & Diamonds the band deliver anthem after anthem which get better and better after every listen. There isn’t a weak song on ‘Our Path Is One’ but ‘Not Dying’, ‘Make It Count’, ‘Private War’ and the excellent final song ‘They Disappear’ are some of the stand out tracks.

The band have released ‘Our Path Is One’ on their own Osu! Records and is available as a free download via Bandcamp or on Cd and Cassette for 6 Australian dollars. I hope that this album gets picked up by a label as it deserves to heard by as many people as possible. Do yourself a favour and listen to this album!