Rogue Trooper – Class Decline

Rebellion Records
Written By Mark Jones

Hailing from Amherst, Massachusetts Rogue Trooper have proved themselves to be one of the best American Oi! bands from the last few years with the release of their self-released Demo(2015) and the impressive ‘Boots on the Ground’(2016) on Foreign Legion Records. Now a couple of years on they are back to give us more of their catchy, boisterous anthems on their debut album ‘Class Decline’ and what an album it is.

‘Class Decline’ features 7 excellent new tracks plus a re-working of the brilliant ‘Army Of One’ from their 2015 demo. From the start, it is quite evident that this band has released one of the albums of the year and has been on my stereo non-stop for the last few days.

The only negative thing I have to say about this album that it’s just over 17 minutes long and it just leaves you wanting more. From the opener ‘The Squeeze’ to the final track ‘Rebel Without A Job’ the album is nothing short of brilliant with cracking riffs, short sharp tracks, and wonderfully written lyrics. As well as the 2 tracks mentioned above my highlights are the brilliant ‘Army Of One’, ‘Tough Shit’, Structural Steel’ and the sublime ‘Class Decline’.

Rogue Trooper have given us an impressive debut album and is one of my albums of the year. Do yourselves a favour and pick up a copy you won’t be disappointed.