Nowhere To Go by S.Ludman

Crowd Control Media
Written By Mark Jones

Set in the 1980’s, Nowhere To Go tells the tale of Matthew Potter, tired of the abuse he suffers living with his foster mother so he soon escapes to Los Angeles where he is attracted to the cities punk rock scene and is looking for his place within society. He soon discovers that the scene is not what he was expecting and was adopted by a skinhead crew and his life is thrust into violence, teenage love and punk.

Although this is a work of fiction the author does draw on his experiences of the subculture and takes us on a well written, violent and thought-provoking journey which I managed to finish reading in a couple of sittings. My teenage years living as an Indie rock kid in a rural community in Wales are far from that of Matt’s in Nowhere To Go but I do find myself identifying with him and his need of wanting to be accepted by like-minded people.

A foreword written by J.Michael Oxley of the Fatskins and an introduction by Doug Kane of the Generators both add to this fascinating, gripping read. I highly recommend this book and I’m now waiting with bated breath for the follow up which is in the process of being worked on.