No Heart – Can’t Get Out

LSM Vinyl & Rebellion Records
Written by Mark Jones

If you are fans of Last Crusade and Thankless Graft then you must check out Mike’s new band No Heart. The band has released an impressive debut single and a split with Australian band The Opposition and have just released their debut album ‘Can’t Get Out’. Formed out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 2016 the 3 piece play rough and rowdy Oi! music full of clean guitars, catchy melodies, and brilliant choruses.

After several listens to ‘Can’t Get Out’ I just can’t help being impressed with the 10 tracks the band has given us, hard hitter after hard hitter that makes for a very impressive 25 minutes of no-nonsense Oi! There isn’t a bad track on this album, right from the off you can tell the band mean business with the excellent title track and other gems like ‘Same’, ‘Running Amuck’,’Face in the Crowd’ and ‘Under the Thumb’. With so many highlights on this album it’s hard to pick a favourite but if I had to it would be ‘Better Way’, a brilliant melodic foot-stomper that you can sing along to,  what’s not to like.

No Heart have delivered a very impressive debut album with brilliantly written songs that are performed by 3 talented guys. If you like bands such as The Cliches, The Janitors, and The Templars then I recommend that you check this band out.