No Class – Painted In A Corner

Contra Records
Written By Mark Jones

Originally formed in New Zealand but now based in Melbourne, Australia, No Class are a 5 piece band that plays good old fashioned Rock ‘N’ Roll that blends UK Punk, Oi!, Pub Rock, 70’s Rock and Blues into one brilliantly unique sound. The band has just released the excellent new ‘Painted In A Corner’ through Contra Records, however, there is a huge amount of sadness around the release of the album as a few weeks before its release the bass player Kalem suddenly passed away. This album is dedicated to his memory and €1 from each record sold will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation Of New Zealand.

It’s easy to hear the bands influences on ‘Painted In A Corner’ anything from early AC/DC, Motörhead, Rose Tattoo, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Cockney Rejects, and Slaughter and the Dogs to name a few. But let’s get one thing straight this is not a nostalgic and dated sounding album, the band have taken their influences and turned them into something that’s fresh and relevant.

The album kicks off with the brilliant ‘Cops Are Coming’ and from the off, you get what this band is all about. This then leads into the excellent title track, a riff-heavy gem that’s got early AC/DC and Rose Tattoo written all over it. This album is nothing short of genius and incredibly fun to listen to and if you fail to smile while listening to it then there’s something wrong with you. There really isn’t a bad track but ‘Neil Roberts’, ‘Violence’,’Paid On A Friday’ and ‘Pull Down The Shades’ are some of the highlights.

Not much more to say other than you should buy this album, not only will you be getting 10 great tracks you will also help to raise money for a good cause.