Heroes 2 None – Villains 2 All

Oi! The Nische
Written By Mark Jones

Heroes 2 None are a 4 piece Streetpunk/Oi! band from Aarhus, Denmark featuring Soren Hald(Vocals), Steen T(Guitar & Backing Vocals), JP(Bass & Backing Vocal), DR.Golczyk (Drums) who between them have 40 years’ experience in bands like The Zero Point, The Guv’nors, The Outfit, The Hoolies and Last Seen Laughing. The band stay true to their roots and play simple and basic Oi! music, but boy do they pack a punch. The band have just released ‘Villains 2 All’ their debut release which is produced by Tue Madsen who has worked with Madball & Sick Of It All and is available through Oi! The Nische records.

‘Villains 2 All’ features 6 no-nonsense streetpunk tracks that might not be breaking any boundaries but are all well written and played by a bunch of experienced musicians which makes for an enjoyable listen. Right from the off the band have me hooked with ‘Heroes 2 None’, a fantastic song with some killer guitar riffs and a great chorus. The rest of the album may not be as good as the opener (in my opinion) but are all decent songs and make for a good listen with ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’, ‘Being There’ and ‘Hate Monger’ being the standout tracks.

Heroes 2 None have given us a decent debut and I am looking forward to what they do next. If you like no thrills Oi! music then I recommend you check this band out.