Hardsell – Subculture Criminals

Rebellion Records
Written By Mark Jones

It’s been 14 years since Hardsell’s last album ‘Pissed ‘N’ Broke’ but they are back with a brand new album and I can assure you the wait has been well worth it. The Dutch frontman Kris has been residing in America for a number of years now and has put together a stellar line-up featuring members of Discipline, The Beltones and Sniper 66 for the release of ‘Subculture Criminals’, the band’s fourth album.

The 12 tracks on ‘Subculture Criminals’ are tough as nails yet remain incredibly melodic and have choruses that would be rude not to sing along to. I have listened to the album several times now it just gets better and better each time and I’m sure it will continue to grow on me for months to come. There are many highlights on the album including the title track, ‘Stuck In A Web’, ‘I Don’t Live For You’, ‘Victory’ ‘Outlawed’ and the excellent ‘Suzie Brass Knuckles’, which features the vocal abilities of Stephanie Marlar. If I was forced to pick my favourite track of the album it would have to be ‘Where Are The Heroes’, just over 4 and half minutes of pure joy with excellent guitar parts, well-written lyrics that are delivered by Kris’s excellent vocals.

All in all, Hardsell have given us and an absolute gem of an album that should grace any decent record collection.