Grabuge – Perdu D’Avance

Acouphènes! Records, Contra Records, Crom Records, Flail Records, Spit It Out

Written by Mark Jones


Grabuge are a young Oi!/streetpunk band from Aire Sur La Lys, France, who play classic sounding French Oi! and the result is nothing short of superb. ‘Perdu D’Avance’ which means Lost in Advance was originally released in 2017 by Acouphènes! Records who have teamed up with another 4 labels to bring out this cracker of a record out on vinyl

‘Perdu D’Avance’ features 7 catchy anthems and there really isn’t a bad track on this fine debut album. The album grabs your attention before a track has played with the brilliant artwork and when opening  bassline of ‘Jeunes Seigneurs’ (Young Lords) the band have already got me hooked. The highlights of the record for me are ‘Futur Malsain’ (Unhealthy Future), ‘Enfant Usage’ (Child Use) and the brilliant title track. If I was forced to pick my favourite track I would have to go for ‘Tout Ce Qu’on Est’ (All We Are), a gem of a song which starts off acoustically before turning into a absolute stomper of a song

‘Perdu D’Avance’ is French Oi! at it’s very best and I highly recommend that you get yourselves a copy, you won’t be disappointed.