Faz Waltz – Julie

Contra Records, Spaghetty Town Records, Tongue Records
Written By Mark Jones

Faz Waltz may sound like they come from Britain in the 1970’s instead of Italy in the 21st Century but they are no nostalgic band and their music is just as relevant as any other band around today. After 5 albums over the 10 years, they’ve been together the band just seem to get better and better and they are back with a belter of a new single ‘Julie’, which is another foot-stomper of a song.

The band are known for infectious riffs, catchy as hell melodies and ‘Julie’ is no exception with Faz La Rocca giving us some killer riffs and some sublime vocals possibly making this my favourite Faz Waltz song. Not only have they given us a cracking A- Side they have backed it up with another gem in ‘I’m Bleedin’, another brilliant slice of Glam Rock from a band at their top of their game.

Faz Waltz have given us an absolute killer single that proves that there is more to Glam than glittery clothes and platform boots and I can’t wait for what the band have got for us next.