East End Badoes – A Punk Rock Sound With An East End Beat

Step 1 Music
Written By Mark Jones

The East End Badoes formed in 1979 and made their first appearance on the ‘Back On The Streets’ compilation, but after taking time out to concentrate on work and numerous line up changes the band are back with their debut album ‘A Punk Rock Sound With An East End Beat’. The band are well known for writing some brilliant songs and this album has 10 cracking new anthems plus re-recorded versions of ‘Poplar Boys’ and ‘Where Have All The Dockers Gone?’(on the CD only), a great version of ‘Prisoner’ by The Clash, and an intro that sets the album up brilliantly.

I have had this album on repeat for the last couple of days and it just get better and better after each listen. This band have got a knack of writing belting sing-along songs with a classic British Oi! sound and some well written lyrics which are performed brilliantly by Terry Hayes. This album is a must for anyone who has been a fan of these London diehards but I would urge anyone who is into to classic Punk and Oi! to check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

‘A Punk Rock Sound With An East End Beat’ delivers cracking song after cracking song which are full of great riffs, well written lyrics, and choruses that would be rude not to sing along to. There really isn’t a bad song on this album but ‘I Wanna Be Me’, ‘Another Town’, ‘Forever’, ‘Ghosts Of Our Past’ and ‘Raped,Beaten and Betrayed’ are some of the stand out tracks. For me the though the band have saved the best 2 songs to the end with ‘Trouble On The Streets’, a cracking sing-along rocker and ‘London Boy’ which is a well written tale of of a London lad during the First World War and is quite possibly my favourite track.

The East End Badoes have given us a terrific album which is one of my favourite album of the year so far and I recommend that you go and get yourself a copy. Well worth waiting all this time for!