Crim – Sense Excuses

Pirates Press Records/Contra Records/B-Core/Tesla
Written By Mark Jones

Catalonia’s Crim have had an excellent year or so with excellent reviews of their album ‘Blau Sang, Vermell Cel’, gaining an ever increasing fan base from touring around the world, and are now back with a new EP ‘Sense Exuses’. The difference between this release and last year’s album see the band release their first songs in English in the form of cover versions of Turbonegro and the mighty Cock Sparrer and the results are very impressive.

Anyone who has listened to ‘Blau Sang, Vermell Cel’ will know that the band have a knack of delivering catchy punk rock anthems with killer choruses and have a feel of bands like Lion’s Law, Bishops Green, and Bonecrusher. And with this EP it’s more of the same but in my opinion the band have gone up a level and have delivered 2 original tracks are even better.

The EP kicks off with ‘Sense Excuses’ a melodic gem of a song with brilliant vocals, excellent guitar riffs and a sublime chorus with great back up vocal, what a start. It’s more of the same with ‘Mai Vam Ser Especials’ and once again the band have given us another cracking song that will be on my playlist for months to come. On the flip side the band tackle Turbonegro’s ‘Prince Of The Rodeo’ and Cock Sparrer’s ‘Watch Your Back’ which I was eager to hear as these are the first tracks the band have released in English and what a job they’ve done as both tracks are impressive covers.

‘Sense Excuses’ is another brilliant release by a band that I just can’t get enough of. If I had one criticism it’s that it just leaves you wanting more.