Brix’n Mortar – Demo

Written by Mark Jones

Brix’n Mortar are a 3 piece Oi!/Hardcore Punk band from Salem, Massachusetts who have just released a 2 track demo via Bandcamp as a free or name your price release. The band formed in 2017 by ex-members of Razors in the Night, Chanticlear, The McGurks and Sexcrement and draw inspiration from the Oi! and Hardcore scenes in Boston and Europe, naming bands like Slapshot, 4Skins, Patriot, Perkele and Terror as key influences.

After a few listens of this excellent demo, I’m already hooked and looking forward to what’s to come from this band. The 2 tracks on this demo are well written, have great lyrics and are performed brilliantly by Troy (Vocals, Bass), Joe (Guitar, Vocals) and Devon (Drums, Vocals) whose experience is clear to see.

‘Pangs of Spite’ is first up and is a brutal yet still melodic track full great guitar riffs, a sing-along chorus and well-written lyrics that are performed brilliantly by Troy. ‘Side by Side’ comes in at half the time of the previous track and has more of a Hardcore sound to it but is still as enjoyable and will no doubt be played on repeat for months to come.

This demo has given us a glimpse at what this band can do and I for one will be keeping a close eye on this band because I think there are great things to come. I strongly recommend that you check this band out, you won’t be disappointed.