Booze & Glory featuring Vespa & Londonians – The Reggae Sessions Vol.1

Contra Records, Pirates Press Records and Longshot Music.
Written by Mark Jones

It’s no secret that Mark and Liam from Booze & Glory are massive fans of Reggae music and they have had the idea of turning their songs into Reggae songs for a while but never had the time to get around to doing it. Well just before they finished recording last year’s brilliant ‘Chapter IV’ they managed to get it done with help from Vespa from Poland and The Londonians from the UK and the final results are incredible and worth the wait.

What Booze & Glory have done with ‘Reggae Sessions Vol. 1’ is to transform and give new life to 3 of their best songs ‘London Skinhead Crew’, ‘Only Fools Get Caught’, and ‘Leave The Kids Alone’ into danceable Reggae gems. It is quite obvious that a lot of thought has gone into these reworking’s and haven’t done the usual Ska style punk bands go for, all 3 songs have different reggae styles that are played well by musicians that have a passion for what they are doing.

The ‘Reggae Sessions Vol.1’ is an enjoyable E.P and will no doubt will be on my stereo for some time to come. So grab yourself a copy, put on your dancing shoes and enjoy, you won’t be disappointed.