Charge 69 – Much More Than Music

Combat Rock Records
Written By Mark Jones

Since their formation nearly 25 years ago France’s Charge 69 have released 5 albums and several singles in their native language but for their Best Of they decided to do something a little different. Instead of compiling their best tracks they decided to collaborate with 10 punk luminaries to have their songs sung in English giving the songs a new life. The band are extremely pleased with how things turned out and bass player Caps said ‘Hearing our songs sung in English by these guys has been a revelation for us, it’s like someone gave us the keys to the candy shop’.

The album kicks off with TV Smith adding vocals to ‘Phoney Paradise’, a melodic gem of a song and one of the best choruses I’ve heard in a long and a great start to this album. It’s Matt Dangerfield’s turn next and he has added his brilliant vocals to ‘These Chains’, an excellent mid-tempo song before Beki Bondage takes the lead on the catchy ‘Rock Star Attitude’. Things go up a gear next when Colin from GBH takes on ‘The 80’s’, a furious street punk song in which I can hear some elements of Motörhead. The album continues brilliantly with ‘Johnny Good Boy’ and ‘Uniform’ before the unmistakable vocals of Charlie Harper appear on ‘Birth Of A Century’. Next up is ‘Authority’ with vocals from Micky Fitz, a belter of a song and makes us realise just how much Micky is missed. Roger Miret from Agnostic Front adds vocals to ‘Time To Communicate’, a punchy a song with some brilliant guitar licks before the album to a close with some excellent vocals from Arturo Bassick adding vocals to ‘Better Times’.

‘Much More Than Music’ is a great collection of songs with some fantastic vocals from some of the great vocalists from the punk scene, there is a rumour that a second volume is one the way and I for one can’t wait.