United Bottles – The Spirit And The Legacy

Written By Mark Jones

Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland United Bottles play melodic, sing-a-long street punk that packs a hefty punch. The band formed in 2015 by Marty(vocals/guitar), Ralph(bass), and Eden(drums) after their previous band ‘Runnin Riot’ split up following the death of singer Colin McQuillan, the lineup was completed in 2016 by the addition of Phil on guitar. In the last year, the band played gigs with the likes of Booze and Glory, Gimp Fist, and Dropkick Murphys as well as an impressive set at this year’s Rebellion before releasing ‘The Spirit And The Legacy’, their debut album.

The album kicks off with an intro before the excellent ‘Big Left Hook’, an incredibly catchy sing-a-long that I can play on repeat for hours on end before another belter of a song in ‘Working Class Victims’. From the first 2 songs on the album, it’s very clear that this band means business and that’s shown again on ‘A Brother And A Friend’, another excellent slice of street punk that you can sing along to. The album takes a bit of a harder edge with ‘Born And Bred’, just over two and a half minutes of ferocious punk before the brilliant ‘Poor Man’s Wage’, is another melodic gem. ‘The Spirit And The Legacy’ continues brilliantly with ‘Blastproof’, ‘Last Note’ and ‘Truth Will Out’ before ‘United Bottles’, a real cracker of a song that you will no doubt sing along to until your throat gets sore. The title track is next and is a well-played and written song before ‘Ghosts Along The Gangland’, a Punk’N’Roll song that your foot will stamp along to. This fine debut comes to an end with ‘Pickin Sides’ which starts with acoustic guitar, bass drums, and Marty’s vocals and has a bit of a folky sound before the band kick in for three and a half minutes of brilliance and a great ending to this album.

The United Bottles have just released a brilliant debut album which I will no doubt be on regular rotation for the rest of the year. I recommend that you buy this album and if you have a chance to catch them live then do so because you won’t be disappointed.