Topnovi & Bum City Saints – Topnovil/Bum City Saints

Pirates press records and Contra records
Written Mark Jones

I really like it when bands get together to release a split record, to me it shows a togetherness and a unity within the scene so when I got sent this I was eager to give it a listen. Contra Records’s Topnovil from Australia have teamed up with California’s Bum City Saints who are on Pirates Press Records to Record 3 songs each of blistering street punk.

Side A belongs to Topnovil who kick proceedings off with ‘Nothin At All’, two and a half minutes of in your face street punk. The excellent ‘Battered and Bruised’ is next up with excellent guitar licks and a chorus that we can sing along to. This side finishes with ‘True To The End’, a song that I’m sure that anyone who’s into any form of punk will relate to.

Now it’s the turn of Bum City Saints to continue the excellent start to this release and they kick things off with ‘Hail The Flag’, a blistering song played brilliantly and an excellent start to side B. ‘One More Song’ is next and what a song, and incredibly fast song but still manages to stay melodic. ‘Pray They’ll Forget’ is the final track and is an excellent song to finish this well put together E.P by 2 great bands.

If you’re a fan of bands like Rancid, Leftover Crack and The Casualties then you should definitely check this E.P out.