The Up’ems – We are the Boys

Written By Mark Jones

After years of playing in different bands in the Basingstoke area, Jim Bones (Vocals & Guitar) and Pozi (Drums) decided to join forces to play Street Punk, the music they loved. Adding Al on Guitar and Daz on Bass the Up’ems were born and have just released their debut E.P, that merges 90’s American bands with classic British punk which makes for a fresh sound.

This release gets off to a blistering start with ‘No Future’, a brilliantly melodic song that packs a punch and already I have fallen in love with this band. Next up is ‘Back Against the Wall’ again a melodic song with brilliant guitar solos and sing-along choruses, what more do you want from a song? ‘Young Soul Rebel’ is an anthem for both punks and skins, it may be slightly slower than the previous two songs but is still as powerful and is an absolute gem of a song. The penultimate ‘Bad Reputation’ kicks off with some brilliant guitar before Jim’s vocals about the importance of unions. The title track is the final song and maybe they have saved the best till last, a fast paced gem of a song, a brilliant chorus that I just can’t stop singing along to.

The Up’ems have produced an excellent debut release which is filled with brilliantly melodic songs, great lyrics, sing-along choruses and plenty of Oi!Oi!’s, but most of all well-constructed and relevant songs they should be proud of.  I can’t wait for their next release but until then I’m sure this will be played to death.