The Struggle – Endless

Pirates Press Records and Contra Records
Written By Mark Jones

Formed in 2015 The Struggle started off as a side project by members of some of the North East of England’s finest bands including Gimp Fist, Crashed Out, Major Accident and Geoffrey Oi!Cott and released their debut single ‘Core-Tex Selector’. Two years on, the band are back with 13 tracks on their debut album ‘Endless’ that are influenced by different elements of the underground scene.

What I liked the first time I listened to the album was the diversity of the songs which are all played brilliantly well by experienced musicians. The album kicks off with ‘Expose The Truth’ after just over a minute of an excellent intro the song kicks into a hardcore sounding song taking a pop at government corruption. ‘Break Out’ is next up which is more of a melodic street anthem before ‘Want A War’, a harder sounding street punk song than the previous song but it is still as good. The album continues with the excellent ‘Just Like You’, ‘Starting Out’, and ‘Tear and a Smile’, a fitting tribute to friends that have been taken before their time such as the unforgettable Mickey Fitz.

Next up is ‘The Struggle’, a short and in your face hardcore song about dealing with inner demons which is quite possibly my favourite song on the album. The album continues with gems like ‘Take It Or Leave It, ‘Geordie Aggro’, ‘Addiction’ and ‘Different Name’, another song about the government corruption.

‘Endless’ is an album played by four talented musicians bringing together different influences and styles to create one of the albums of the year. You need this album in your collection.