The Sold! And Bones – Full Circle Suicide

Written by Mark Jones

The Sold! And Bones are an L.A based Punk/Blues band featuring Bones from the legendary L.A punk band the Skulls. The line-up is completed with Easy Lou Jones on vocals and guitar, Charles La Ferrera on bass and backing vocals, and Justin McGrath on drums and backing vocals and between them, they have created a Punk/Blues Explosion on their debut album ‘Full Circle Suicide’.

‘Don’t Trust Money’ is first up and I’m already hooked, a fast paced and melodic gem of a song and a great start to the album. The Punk/Blues of ‘I’m Right! You’re Wrong!!’is next up, a foot stomper of a song which I’ve had on repeat constantly. ‘Bored in L.A’ is three minutes of brilliance and another well-written song. The album continues with ‘Me. Not you!’, ‘Throw Me A Line’, ‘Just Don’t Get It’ are all great songs before the excellent title track, just under two minutes of bluesy punk rock to die for. The final song is ‘(Easy Lou’s) Bored in L.A Blues’ a laid back blues version of ‘Bored in L.A’, and could easily be from a 1960’s blues album.

The Sold! And Bones have released a fine debut album mixing punk rock and blues which makes for a nice change. I hope this album gets picked up by a label because it deserves to be listened to by as many people as possible.