The Generators – Street Justice

Pirates Press Records and Randale Records
Written By Mark Jones

The Generators may have released 10 albums and 6 E.P’s over the 20 years they’ve been together but their brand of hard-hitting rock ‘n’ roll still sounds as fresh and relevant now as it did in 1997. To mark their 20th anniversary the band are back with ‘Street Justice’ the debut single from their forthcoming album.

The band are influenced by 70’s UK punk and 80’s American punk and this is evident on ‘Street Justice’. Musically the song is excellent with a great guitar solo and is topped off with the excellent vocals of Doug Kane. The B side is ‘Blow Yourself Up’, a faster more explosive (no pun intended) sound than the title track and in my opinion could easily have been a single in its own right.

‘Street Justice’ is a fine release and will no doubt please their fans and will hopefully gain some new ones. If the album is half as good as this we are in for a treat.