The Enforcers – The Enforcers

Written By Mark Jones

Forming in Calgary, Alberta The Enforcers are a three piece Hardcore Oi! band that have just released a demo which is so intense and brutal that it will kick you in the face with its Dr Marten boots.

First up is ‘Anti Social’, a brutal, fast paced track that sets the stall for the rest of the E.P. This is followed by ‘Alt-Right Nightmare’ and ‘Chaos’ both of which continue the brilliance of the first song proving to me that this band means business. The last song is a cover of The Oppressed’s ‘Ultra Violence’, which for me is a well-chosen song that compliments the previous three tracks.

The Enforcers have produced an impressive E.P and if no label has signed them up yet then someone needs to because this deserves a much bigger audience.