The Burnt Tapes – Alterations

Lockjaw Records & Umlaut Records
Written By Mark Jones

‘Alterations’ is the third release from London based The Burnt Tapes. Recorded in their native city of Athens, the five tracks on this E.P are gruff sounding punk songs that will appeal to fans of Hot Water Music and Polar Bear Club.

The title track is up first and I’m already sold, melodic, well-written lyrics, brilliant guitars and all topped off with Phil Georgoulopoulos fantastic gruff vocals. ‘Oh, Marie’ is next and continues the excellent start to the release before going into ‘Wayne Regretzky’, another brilliant punk song that will no doubt be a fan favourite. The ferocious ‘Ghosts’ is next which is one minute and forty seconds of genius before the final and best track ‘Things Get Weird’, a catchy song which I can’t get out of my head.

The Burnt Tapes have produced a fantastic E.P which I’m sure will please their fans and gain new ones, of which I am one. I am already waiting for their next release with excitement.