The Attack – On Condition

Written by mark jones

The Attack are a four piece punk rock band from Orlando, Florida featuring Charlie Bender(vocals), Brad Palkevich(guitar), Tito Esquiaqui(drums) and Mikey Cortes(Bass) that bring punk back to basic playing short, fast-paced songs.  The band believes the simplicity of punk has been lost and is driven by fashion and icons that are similar to the rock stars that the original punks rebelled against and this has given them one goal, to re-unite punks, skins and hardcore kids under the same underground flag.

‘On Condition’ certainly, attempts to do this and kicks off with the excellent ‘Call To Arms’, a riff-heavy gem of a song with a chorus to die for. Next up is ‘Four Of A Kind’, another riff heavy song, and already I’m in love with this album.  ‘These Nights’ is a belter of a song, fast-paced, catchy, great chorus, what’s not to like, ‘Breaker Breaker’ has a bit more of a hardcore feel to it than the previous songs and ‘Betting Man’, has a feel of early 90’s American punk feel to it that continues the great start to the album. ‘The Reason’ is next up and it’s another cracking song, great intro, well-written lyrics and an enjoyable 2 and a half minutes before ‘Renegades’, a great singalong song. The final track ‘Forecast’, a brilliant hardcore song and a great end to a very fine album.

‘On Condition’ is great American punk album and if you like bands like Bad Religion then you need this in your collection.