Suede Razors – Razor Stomp

Suede Razors – Razor Stomp

Pirate Press Records & Randale Records (LP) Rebellion records (CD)

Written By Mark Jones

After releasing 5 2 track singles since 2014, San Francisco’s Boot Boys Suede Razors are back with a 6 track mini album ‘Razor Stomp’. The album is full to the brim songs about bovver girls, scootering and dancing which will get you stomping your feet in no time.

First up is ‘Ready to Rock’ which is less like a song and more like an intro that could be heard on the football terraces and the lyric ‘Razors Ready to Rock’ makes this a great start to this release. Next up is ‘TV 175’, a song with a brilliant chorus and a topic I’m sure many skinheads will relate to. ‘Bovver Girl’ is next, a melodic slice of bovver rock with an added bonus of some excellent piano which for me makes this the stand out track which I can’t stop listening to.

After a strong start to this release, the second half has a lot to live up to but kicks off brilliantly with ‘Berlin or Bust’, released as a single last year this is a raw sounding yet powerful Rock ‘N’ Roll song that you can’t help stomping your feet to. The final 2 songs ‘All Nighter’ & ‘Keep on Rockin’ are brilliant slabs of bovver rock which is an excellent end to ‘Razor Stomp’.

The Suede Razors have produced an album that anybody who is into this type of music needs to have in their collection. The only criticism I have is that the 6 songs on here just leave you wanting more.