Stanley – Stanley


Contra Records and Longshot Music
Written By Mark Jones

The worldwide Street Punk and Oi! scene is in great shape at the moment with original bands like Cock Sparrer still going strong, Booze & Glory the best band in the last 10 years (in my opinion)  have just released possibly the album of the year and new bands keep coming along all the time from around the world. One such band is Stanley from Milan who play rough sounding Oi! who have just released their debut 7” single.

The first and possibly my favourite track is ‘Reason’, a melodic song with a brilliant chorus that you just can’t help singing along to which is a great way to start any release. Next up is ‘1984’ a harsher sounding song than the previous one but is no less enjoyable. The second side starts with the excellent ‘Burst Out Laughing’ which is just over two and a half minutes of brilliant street punk that kicks you right in the face. The final track on this fine debut release is ‘S.O.S’ another catchy song that I just keep playing on repeat.

Stanley should be proud of themselves, as they have released an excellent debut single and I’m excited to see what’s next from this very promising band.