Seaside Rebels – Overworked,Underfed,Underpaid

Seaside Rebels – “Overworked, Underfed, Underpaid”

This week saw the release of the Seaside Rebels new video for “Overworked, Underfed, Underpaid” featuring Liam Marr from Booze & Glory, which will be released on “On Common Ground” a split EP with Rude Pride on Contra Records.

For this video, the band has adopted acoustic guitars, mandolin, and stand-up bass, but the song still packs a punch and has had me watching it several times since its release. The video is beautifully shot by Frank Pellegrino and sees the band set up their instruments in a cemetery integrated with clips of working class people which makes the lyrics more poignant.

The song’s lyrics are well written and highlight the plight of the working classes and works brilliantly with the clips chosen for this video. I’m sure when the band plays this live it will have everyone singing along with pride.